Welcome to my website

It is a fantastic world that opens, if you venture into this universe.
I have had excellent people to help and guide, but when you see what you can actually do, then it become more and more complicated and therefore it has taken a long time to get to where we are now.

My greatest wish has been the necessity for a perfect overview. I believe, that we accomplished that. It has to be easy to find, what material you want about Eva and me and our Bournonville Ballet productions. Pictures from each production can be seen separately, and more are being added continuously.

Eva’s and my CV are here - and as complete as possible. There is a list of the Bournonville Productions, we have made worldwide – where, with which company and the year.
There is also a CV for my adventures in China from 1995 and on, and a CV for my Artistic Advisor positions.

Our son Sebastian has his own page with his CV and pictures.

I have chosen to upload some old pictures on the site from way back. I hope you think, they are as funny as I do.

I hope, that you like, what you read. ENJOY.


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